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Frickers Restaurant  [ Back to Restaurant ]  

MENU: Starters� | Starters | Awings A Better� | Dinners� | Salads� | On A Bun� | Added Extras� | Extra's�

Starters�   [TOP]
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Freshly Pickled Crab Grass� 57.46
Hard Boiled Nails 53.64
Frickin' Chicken Chunks� 6.29
tell your server to chunk your chicken. Served in your choice of wing sauce and a side of ranch or bleu cheese dressing�
Frickin' Chicken Pizza 5.99
tender, moist frickin chicken chunks with BBQ, or your choice of sauce, loaded with melted cheese, banana peppers and served to you on a tasty, tender pizza crust
Mississippi BBQ Nachos� 5.49
traditional southern pulled pork prepared with barbecue sauce and melted cheese on a generous portion of nado chips�
Breaded Veggies� 3.99
mushrooms, zucchini and cauliflower. Your choice of the full mix with cocktail sauce�
Mini Corn Dogs� 3.99
served with your choice of sauce for dipping�
Fried Cheese� 3.99
chunks of cheddar or mozzarella sticks served with pizza sauce�
Onion Straws� 2.99
moores, battered sweet onion�
Nachos� 2.99
melted cheese with jalapenos�
Big Salsa and Chip� 3.99
truly a homemade recipe�
Basket of Brew City Fries� 3.49
Basket of Brew City Fries with Chili and Nacho Cheese� 4.49
Starters   [TOP]
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Nachos Supreme� 5.49
our own nachos with cheese, meat sauce, onion, lettuce and tomato�
Nachos Supreme with Chicken� 6.99
salsa, sour cream and jalapenos available upon request�
Frickin Dippin Sauces� (Each�) 0.59
cocktail, pizza, barbecue, honey dijon, bleu cheese, ranch, salsa and sour cream �
Chili� 2.99
old family recipe�
New England Clam Chowder� 2.99
Ma Frick's Vegetable Beef Soup� 2.99
hearty homestyle�
Awings A Better�   [TOP]
available sauces mild, medium or hot BBQ, frickin, little kicker, frickin' kicker, frickin' killer, frickin' honey mustard, frickin' teriyaki and frickin garlic �
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Frickin Chicken Wings� (10 Pieces�/20 Pieces�/50 Pieces�) 5.9910.9923.99
choose original or nakedly emt all drums $1.50 extra per 10 piece with add ranch $0.59 with add side of wing sauce $0.59 with add celery $0.69 and with add bleu cheese $0.59�
Dinners�   [TOP]
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Chicken and Pasta� 6.29
succulent char-broiled chicken breast accompanied by pasta salad and drenched with zesty Italian dressing, roll and butter�
Ribs and Wings� 10.99
the best of both worldst baby ribs and five wings in your choice of wing sauce, slaw, roll and one extra�
Andrew's Baby Back Ribs� 12.99
our frickin' rack, slaw, roll and one extra ribs are frickin', lickin' licious�
Chicken Fillet Strips� 6.99
served with roll and one extra �
Beer Battered Fish� 6.99
served with roll and one extra�
Fried Shrimp� 8.99
served with roll and one extra�
1 Lb. Porterhouse Steak� 11.99
served with roll and one extra�
Steak and Fried Shrimp� 13.99
served with roll and one extra�
Salads�   [TOP]
Dressings : house, ranch, thousand Island, French, Italian, bleu cheese, honey dijon, fat-free ranch, fat-free Italian and fat-free French�
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Frickin Chicken Salad 6.29
lose the Turkey and ham-add our famous frickin' chicken breast. Served in your choice of wing sauce
Char-Broiled Chicken Salad� 5.99
lose the ham and Turkey-add char-broiled chicken and a hearty appetite�
Julienne Salad� 5.29
a combination of ham, Turkey, tomato, egg and shredded cheddar-mozzarella cheeses�
On A Bun�   [TOP]
all sandwiches served plain, freebles available upon request, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, onion and pickle�
1ptrans.gif (807 bytes)
The Frick Burger� 4.29
the big one�
Cheeseburger� 3.29
soon to be world famous�
Hamburger� 2.99
Dawgs� (For Two�) 2.99
nathan's 100% all beef hot dog served with mustard, onion and favorite meat sauce, our sauce and 57 chevys are classics�
Pork Tenderloin� 3.99
king of the midway comes to�
BLT� 3.99
an all American favorite�
Fish Sandwich� 3.99
our fish comes from only the finest schools�
Big Frickin Bologna N Cheese Sandwich� 3.99
just like mom used to make. Spice it up with your choice of sauce�
BBQ Sandwich� 3.99
southern style pulled pork�
Turkey Sandwich� 3.99
cold or hot, your choice�
Ham N Cheese� 3.99
stacked ham covered in melted Swiss or American cheese�
Ribeye Steak Sandwich� 6.99
too good for a bunl with add grilled onions for extra $0.59�
Chicken Fillet Sandwich� 3.99
Char-Broiled Chicken Breast Sandwich� 4.99
Frickin Chicken Sandwich� 5.29
wing-style chicken breast served in your choice of wing sauce and ranch or bleu cheese dressing�
Added Extras�   [TOP]
1ptrans.gif (807 bytes)
Cheese� 0.30
Bacon� 0.59
Grilled Onions� 0.59
Nacho Cheese� 0.59
Jalapenos� 0.59
Extra's�   [TOP]
1ptrans.gif (807 bytes)
Curly Q's� 1.49
Wedge Fries� 1.49
Dinner Salad� 1.49
Pasta Salad� 1.49
made fresh daily�
Green Beans� 1.49
almost world famoust�
Slaw� 1.49
ditto pasta salad�
Applesauce� 1.29
Roll and Butter� 0.59

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