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Sakura  [ Back to Restaurant ]  

MENU: Soup | Salads | Appetizers | Maki or Temaki | Sushi or Sashimi | Dessert | Beverages | Lunch Special From the Kitchen | Lunch Special Udon | Lunch Special From the Sushi Bar | Entrees | Noodles | Teriyaki

Soup   [TOP]
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Soup of the Day 1.50
Miso Soup 1.50
Bean paste soup with seaweed, bean curd and scallion
Dobin Mushi 4.50
Clear soup with assorted fish and seafood
Vegetable Soup 2.50
Bean curd, mushroom and snow peas
Wonton Soup 3.00
Salads   [TOP]
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Green Salad 2.50
Fresh lettuce, cucumber and carrot with ginger dressing
Spicy Salad 4.50
Crabmeat, shrimp, octopus with spicy sauce
Tako Salad 4.50
Seaweed Salad 4.50
Appetizers   [TOP]
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Sushi 6.50
Four pieces assorted fish on top of rice
Sashimi 7.00
Six pieces assorted fresh fish
Spring Roll 3.50
Shrimp and pork with vegetables
Miso Yaki 7.00
Grilled sea bass
Calamari 6.50
Deep-fried squid rings
Soft Shell Crab 5.00
Deep-fried soft shell crab
Yaka Ika 7.00
Broiled squid and vegetables on skewer
Sakura Hot Plate 7.00
Marinated seafood grilled with spicy sauce
Yakitori 4.00
Broiled chunks of chicken and vegetables on skewer
Gyoza 4.50
Pan-fried pork dumpling
Shumai 4.50
Steamed shrimp dumpling
Wasabi Shumai 4.50
Deep-fried pork dumpling with wasabi skin
Tonkatsu 4.50
Deep-fried pork cutlet
Sunomono 5.00
shrimp, octopus, kani or seafood with cucumber and vinegar dressing
Chicken Katsu 5.00
Breaded chicken with vegetables
Tuna Tataki 7.50
Lightly pan-fried tuna in a vinegar sauce
Tempura 5.00
Deep-fried shrimp with vegetables
Hamachi Kama 8.50
Broiled yellow tail cheek
Agetofo 4.50
Deep-fried bean curd with tempura sauce
Hiyayako 4.00
Cold bean curd served with scallion and bonito flakes
Edamame 3.50
Cooked soybeans
Shrimp Asparagus 6.00
Broiled shrimp with asparagus
Beef Negimaki 5.50
Rolled broiled beef, cream cheese, crab and scallions in teriyaki sauce
Maki or Temaki   [TOP]
Roll and Hand Roll
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Spider Roll 7.50
Soft shell crab, cucumber and special sauce
Rainbow Roll 9.00
Five kinds of fish on top of california roll
Dragon Roll 9.00
Avocado on top of tempura shrimp roll
Eel Dragon Roll 11.00
Eel with avocado on top of eel roll
Scorpion Roll 9.50
Tempura shrimp, lettuce and spicy sauce
Sakura Roll 9.50
Avocado ad flying fish roe on top of spicy salmon with crisp flake
Crazy Roll 8.50
Spicy salad on top of california roll
Crazy Roll 2 10.00
Spicy salad on top of tempura shrimp roll
Super Maki 12.00
Spicy king crab, tempura shrimp, asparagus, wrapped in marble seaweed
Tokyo Roll 11.00
Tuna, salmon yellow tail, seaweed salad and Japanese pickle
Snake Roll 11.50
Tempura shrimp roll with eel on top
Spicy Crawfish 7.00
In spicy sauce
Spicy King Crab 7.50
With flying fish roe and spicy sauce
Red Dragon 11.50
Spicy tuna and crispy flake inside with tuna and avocado on top
Fire Maki 11.00
Spicy salmon and crispy flake inside with salmon and thin lemon on top
Green Hat 10.00
Salmon, white tuna, crab, cream cheese and wasabi mayonnaise
Cowboy Maki 9.00
Tempura lobster tail, cucumber and spicy sauce
Twin Brother 12.00
Spicy crawfish and cucumber inside with shrimp and avocado on top
Chop Chop 10.00
Chopped soft shell crab with crispy flake mixed in a spicy sauce
Jalapeno Incident 7.00
Yellow tail, pickled jalapeno and spicy sauce
Yo-Yo Maki 11.50
Tempura shrimp, eel, peanut powder wrapped i thin egg
Tiger Crunch 10.00
Spicy shrimp and crispy flake
Sun Maki 7.50
Tempura tuna, salmon, yellow tail wrapped in pink seaweed
Volcano Roll 7.50
Grilled spicy crawfish on top of california roll
Green Dragon 11.50
Tempura shrimp, eel and cucumber inside with avocado on top
Foto Maki 8.50
Crabmeat, egg cake, cucumber, asparagus and Japanese pickle
Spicy Killer 11.50
Tuna, avocado, black pepper inside with spicy salmon, wasabi tobiko and chopped onion on top
Sushi or Sashimi   [TOP]
A la carte, 2 pieces per order.
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Maguro 4.50
Hamachi 4.50
Yellow tail
Ika 4.00
Saba 4.00
Tako 4.50
Hirame 4.50
Unagi 4.50
Saki 4.50
Smoked Salmon 4.50
Super White Tuna 4.50
Striped Bass 4.50
Tobiko 4.50
Flying fish roe
Wasabi Tobiko 5.50
Layered egg
Hokkigai 4.50
Red/white clam
Hotategai 5.00
Uni 6.50
Sea urchin
Mirugai 6.50
Giant clam
Kani 3.50
Inari 3.50
Tofu skin
Ebi 4.50
Tamago 3.50
Layered egg
Amaebi 5.00
Sweet shrimp
Dessert   [TOP]
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Banana Tempura 4.00
Ice Cream Tempura 4.00
Cheese Cake Tempura 4.00
Ice Cream 3.00
Beverages   [TOP]
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Soft Drink 1.75
Fruit Juice 1.75
(No refills)
Bottled Water 1.50
Lunch Special From the Kitchen   [TOP]
Served with soup, salad and rice
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Shrimp Tempura 7.00
Deep fried shrimp with vegetables
Chicken Tempura 6.00
Deep fried chicken with vegetables
Vegetable Tempura 6.00
Deep fried assorted vegetables
Steak Teriyaki 7.50
Broiled steak with teriyaki sauce
Shrimp Teriyaki 7.50
Broiled shrimp with teriyaki sauce
Chicken Teriyaki 6.00
Broiled chicken with teriyaki sauce
Seafood Kabob 8.50
Skewer of salmon, scallops, shrimp in teriyaki sauce
Beef Negimaki 7.00
Scallions, cream cheese and crab wrapped with beef
Beef Shogayaki 7.00
Stir-fried beef with ginger sauce
Tonkatsu 6.00
Pork cutlet served with pungent sauce
Chicken Katsu 6.00
Chicken cutlet served with pungent sauce
Japanese Fried Rice 6.00
Stir-fried rice with chickenm vegetables and egg
Katsu Don 6.50
Pork cutlet with egg on top of rice
Oyako Don 6.00
Chicken with egg on top of rice
Lunch Special Udon   [TOP]
(Noodles) No soup or salad
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Yaki Udon 6.50
Sauteed noodles with chicken and vegetables
Tempura Udon 6.50
Deep fried shrimp and vegetables with noodles
Vegetable Udon 6.00
Assorted vegetables with noodles
Lunch Special From the Sushi Bar   [TOP]
Sushi Lunch
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Four pieces of nigiri sushi and california roll 9.00
Sashimi Lunch 10.00
Assorted fish and seafood
Sushi and Sashimi Lunch 11.00
Assorted fish and four pieces of nigiri sushi
Chirashi Box 9.00
Assorted fish and seafood on top of rice
Maki Combination 9.50
Tuna roll, salmon roll and california roll
Entrees   [TOP]
Served with miso or house soup and green salad (no substitutions please)
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Sushi Deluxe 18.00
Nine pieces of nigiri sushi and tuna roll
Sashimi Deluxe 21.00
Assorted fish and seafood
Sushi and Sashimi Combination 23.00
Five pieces of nigiri sushi and assorted fish
Chirashi 13.00
Assorted fish and seafood on top of rice
Unagi Don 12.00
Grilled eel on top of steamed rice
Sushi Festival for Two 50.00
Sushi Festival for Four 100.00
Shrimp Tempura 12.00
Five pieces of deep-fried shrimp with vegetables
Chicken Tempura 11.00
Five pieces of deep fried chicken with vegetables
Tonkatsu 10.00
Deep-fried pork cutlet with pungent sauce
Chicken Katsu 11.00
Deep-fried pork cutlet with pungent sauce
Fire Lobster 23.00
Grilled lobster tail with house spicy sauce
Miso Yaki 16.00
Grilled sea bass
Beef Negimaki 15.00
Pan-fried scallion wrapped with beef roll
Pork Shogayaki 11.00
Pan-fried pork sauteed with ginger sauce
Beef Shogayaki 15.00
Pan-fried beef sauteed with ginger sauce
Yakimono 16.00
Pan-fried skewers of beef, chicken, shrimp and scallops
Noodles   [TOP]
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Nabe Yaki 11.00
Udon noodle soup with shrimp, fish cake, chicken, egg and vegetables
Yaki 9.00
Udon or soba noodles with chicken, fish cake and vegetables
Tempura Udon 10.00
Noodle soup with shrimp tempura
Mama Noodle Beef 11.00
Choice of udon, soba or ramen noodles
Mama Noodle Rib 10.00
Choice of udon, soba or ramen
Mama Noodle Seafood 12.00
Choice of udon, soba or ramen noodles
Teriyaki   [TOP]
Served with soup, salad and rice
1ptrans.gif (807 bytes)
Shrimp Teriyaki 14.50
Steak Teriyaki 16.00
Salmon Teriyaki 13.00
Chicken Teriyaki 11.00
Vegetable Teriyaki 8.50
Tofu Teriyaki 9.00
Shrimp and Chicken Teriyaki 14.00
Shrimp and Beef Teriyaki 16.00
Seafood Teriyaki 16.00

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