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Conway's Red Top Restaurant  [ Back to Restaurant ]  

MENU: Grandma Esther's Homemade Chili, Soups & stew | Grandma Esther's Special | Salads | For Kids Only | Desserts | Beverages | Side Orders | Conway's Red Top Famous Giant Hamburgers | Crt's Other Delicious Sandwiches | Crt's Top Dog

Grandma Esther's Homemade Chili, Soups & stew   [TOP]
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Grandma Esther's Homemade Navy Bean Soup (Bowl/Cup) 2.291.54
flavored with hickory smoked ham, herbs and spices, our delicious soup requires 24 hours to achieve its hearty taste. served with a roll.
Grandma Esther's Vegetable Beef Soup (Bowl/Cup) 2.691.94
simmered all day to assure that the six vegetables and the beef are tender. taste and see what we mean. served with a roll
Ask Your Server About Our Soup Of The Day. 2.891.69
Grandma Esther's Beef Stew (Bowl/Cup) 2.792.09
a robust stew, slow cooked with lots of lean beef, vegetables, herbs and spices. served with a roll.
Grandma Esther's Famous Chili (Bowl/Cup) 2.842.24
for those who like it hot! a special blend of spices, copious quantities of beef and beans make our chili a treat you'll remember.
Grandma Esther's Soup And Salad Combo 4.09
enjoy a cup of our delicious soups, stew, or chili with a crisp dinner salad. served with a roll
Grandma Esther's Special   [TOP]
for a real treat, try a cup of grandma's soup, stew, or chili, served with more than half a hamburger or cheeseburger. includes a medium soft drink.
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Hamburger 5.39
Cheeseburger 5.94
Salads   [TOP]
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Aunt Patty's Chicken Salad 5.09
tender, marinated, grilled chicken breast on a crisp bed of lettuce and topped with lots of crunchy goodies. served with a roll. a meal in itself! for cheddar cheese add $0.95
Dinner Salad 2.29
For Kids Only   [TOP]
something special for our little customers 10 years of age and younger.
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For Kids Only 2.49
all items include french fries and a small soft drink or milk. more than half a hamburger, cheeseburger, hot dog, grilled cheese, or chicken strips.
Desserts   [TOP]
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Pies. 2.25
Pies 2.45
cream, with ice cream add 0.40
Ice Cream 0.85
Ice Cream With Topping 1.05
Beverages   [TOP]
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Milk Shake 2.59
chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cherry
Malts 2.64
chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cherry
Milk 1.99
2% and chocolate
Coffee, Hot Tea 0.85
Iced Tea 0.95
Soft Drinks 0.991.091.29
Side Orders   [TOP]
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French Fries 1.091.29
French Fries with Cheese 1.692.09
Crispy Q's 1.29
Onion Rings 2.29
ranch dressing add 0.80
Guacamole 0.90
Conway's Red Top Famous Giant Hamburgers   [TOP]
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Conway's Famous Red Top Special (Whole/Whole With Cheese/More Tham Half/More Than Half W/Cheese $5.54) 6.296.745.09
our delicious hamburger with french fries and a medium soft drink.
Crt's Famous Cheeseburger 5.794.69
Whole/More Than Half
Crt's Famous Hamburger 5.043.94
Whole/More Than Half
Crt's Famous Chili Burger (Whole/More Than Half/Cheese Add) 6.094.790.95
if you like our hamburger you'll love it smothered with our delicious homemade chili.
Crt's Famous Senor Red Top (Whole/More Than Half) 5.844.74
our delicious hamburger topped with spicy jalapeno cheese and served with the best jalapeno pepper we could find
Crt's Hickory Dickory Top (Whole/More Than Half) 5.244.19
try our famous hamburger prepared with a delicious hickory flavor mixed with onions and served with lettuce and tomato. topped with a mouth watering smoked hickory bbq sauce.
Mike's Mushroom Top (Whole/More Than Half) 6.845.64
our famous hamburger topped with bacon, mushrooms and cheese. It's a real palate pleaser!
Gardenburger 5.79
the change you've been looking for ... our delectable new meatless burger. this great tasting sandwich is the perfect option for those for those who want the burger but not the beef. you'll love this delicious veggie burger, grilled and served on half our
Crt's Other Delicious Sandwiches   [TOP]
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Norb's Steak Sandwich 7.29
deliciously tender, thinly cut grilled loin on french garlic bread, with grilled onions, green peppers, mozzarella or american cheese and lettuce. served with french fries.
Chic's Delight 6.94
tender breast of chicken sandwich, grilled to perfection and served with lettuce, tomato and french fries.
Crt's Top Dog   [TOP]
our hot dog is unlike any you've ever seen. we slice our hot dogs lengthwise, grill them and serve on our famous hamburger bun.
1ptrans.gif (807 bytes)
Crt's Top Dog (Half) 4.092.94
whole hot dog
Crt's Top Dog (Half) 4.493.34
with cheese
Crt's Top Dog (Half) 6.144.94
with chili
Crt's Top Dog (Half) 6.645.44
with chili & cheese

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