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Le Chene French Cuisine  [ Back to Restaurant ]  

MENU: Sample Brunch Menu | Egg Dishes | Egg Dishes | Entrees | Sample Menu - Hors d'oeuvre | Entrees | Sample Dessert Menu

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Sample Brunch Menu
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Egg Dishes   [TOP]
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Eggs Le Chene
2 pastry shells stuffed with turkey, spinach, eggs and béarnaise sauce.
Eggs Benedict
Muffin, canadian bacon, eggs, and hollandaise sauce.
Eggs Cordon Bleu
Chicken breast, swiss cheese, ham, eggs and hollandaise sauce.
Eggs Fisherman
Rice, scallops, shrimp, mushrooms, eggs and lobster sauce.
Eggs Lyonaise
Sautéed potatoes with onion, chicken breast, eggs and hollandaise
Eggs Alsacienne
Pasta, mushrooms, ham, eggs and hollandaise sauce.
Eggs Forestiere
Puff pastry, eggs and mushroom sauce.
Eggs Argenteuil
Eggs, asparagus and hollandaise sauce.
Egg Dishes   [TOP]
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Filet Roquefort with eggs 15.95
Crab Cake Florentine 13.95
Entrees   [TOP]
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Shrimp Monegasque 21.70
Shrimp Escoffier 22.75
Scallops Provencale 20.25
Calamari Abalone Style 18.25
Halibut Belle Meuniere 19.70
Scalone Almondine 19.25
Beef Bourguignon 19.50
Filet Mignon Au Poivre 26.70
New York Bordelaise Butter 18.25
Tenderloin Tips Bearnaise 20.25
Prime Rib Au Jus 27.00
Veal Curry 21.00
Veal Forestiere 20.25
Calf Liver Bercy 19.25
Chicken Cranberry 19.25
Chicken Pasta 18.70
Duck Amaretto 21.00
Rabbit Moutarde 21.70
Roast Leg of Lamb Au Jus 21.25
Sample Menu - Hors d'oeuvre   [TOP]
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1/2 Dozen Escargot 10.00
Shrimp Monegasque 10.95
French Onion Soup 6.25
Duck Pate 8.95
Baked Brie 14.50
Lobster Ravioli 12.00
Artichoke Vinaigrette 8.95
Stuffed Mushrooms 9.95
Tomato Salad 6.75
Smoked Salmon 12.95
Cheese Plate 10.50
Tongue Vinaigrette 7.95
Crab Cake 10.75
Salmon Dumpling 9.95
Entrees   [TOP]
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Sweet Breads Aux Morilles 25.25
Ostrich Medallions 27.25
Beef Tongue W/Capers 18.70
Lamb Grand Mere 20.70
Shrimp Escoffier 24.70
Shrimp Monegasque 23.75
Scallops Provencale 23.25
Calamari Abalone Style 21.25
Veal Forestiere 22.75
New York Bordelaise Butter 23.95
Filet Mignon au Poirve 26.70
Filet of Beef Roquefort 26.70
Tenderloin tip Bearnaise 22.70
Boar Goulash 22.70
Veal Curry 23.70
Rabbit Moutarde 21.70
Calf Liver Bercy 20.25
Vegetable Plate 15.00
Halibut Meuniere 22.70
Orange Roughy Brettone 21.70
Chicken Raspberry 22.25
Duck A L'Orange 23.25
Beef Bourguignon 20.25
Venison Povrade 26.75
Chicken Lobster Sauce 24.95
Chicken Montmorency 20.70
Chicken Pasta 21.70
Duck Amaretto 22.75
Duck Cranberry 22.75
Duck Green Peppercorn 22.75
Lobster Fricassee 31.70
Lobster Le Chene 31.70
Shrimp Scallops Biarritz 22.70
Seafood Pasta 23.70
Salmon Feuillette 22.70
Scallone Almondine 22.70
Mahi Mahi Brettone 20.70
Bouillabaisse 31.50
Quail Veronique 23.70
Lamb Chops A L'ail 26.70
Sample Dessert Menu   [TOP]
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Creme Caramel 5.75
Strawberry Feuillette 7.00
Fresh Strawberries 6.50
Bavarois 6.00
Dark Chocolate Cake 6.25
Charlotte 6.75
Pears Belle Helene 6.25
Peach Melba 6.25
Meringue Glace 6.75
Cafe Glace 6.00
Cheesecake 6.25
Chocolate Mousse 6.00
Tarte Tatin 7.00
Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream 5.50
Creme Brulee 6.75
Porfiterolles Au Chocolate 6.75
Homemade Assted Sorbets 6.25

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