Dining guide to restaurants across the United States
Dining guide to restaurants across the United States
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Designed for restaurants, tested and used by restaurateurs like you, USDiners.com is the fastest-growing online dining community in the US with 3.5 million page views per month. We serve about 400,000 restaurants with more than 70,000 online menus and coupons. We help American restaurants get more customers from the Internet and keep them coming back, again and again!

If you own/manage a restaurant, we invite you to join us and utilize our platform to reach more people who are looking for your business. No long-term contract, no recurring charges, no up front set up fees.

Services and Tools for Restaurateurs

If you own a restaurant (in the US), we will help you bring in more customers from the Internet. You get:

  • Your complete information, along with photos, your logo, a map with directions, and a link to your home page
  • Your own website address -- www.USDiners.com/US/<your restaurant name>
  • Plenty of space to upload photos, logos, and pictures of your cuisine
  • A chance to issue online coupons
  • Your complete menu, published online
  • Link to your own website, and much more!

To list your restaurant in our search engine, click here. There will be a one-time, non-refundable charge of $5.95 to prevent illegitimate listings.

If you want to upload your photos/logo, update your information regularly, post daily specials, or make changes to your online menus and coupons, you will need an USDiners.com online account. It costs only $49.95. (It's also a one-time, non-refundable fee.) Click here to get an online account.

For multiple restaurants/locations, you need only one account. All you need is to link all your restaurants/locations to your account. It's free for first link and $5.95 for each additional restaurant.

To issue online coupons, click here.


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